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Summer at grandparents is for many of us a special and eagerly awaited time. It is a time when we can relax, enjoy nature and the presence of our loved ones. Our grandparents always offer us an oasis of peace and joy, and summer is the time when we can spend precious time together.

Grandma's house is always full of activities and the inviting smell of traditional food. Mornings start with fresh coffee and warm bread from the village bakery. After breakfast, we prepare to take care of the garden or the household. It is a time when we feel useful and can enjoy our work.

The afternoon is dedicated to relaxing and spending time with the family. We walk through our grandparents' garden and can enjoy the flowers and fresh vegetables. Or maybe we decide to take a dip in the nearby river. It is an oasis of coolness in the middle of a hot summer day.

The evening comes with moments of relaxation, when we all gather around the table and enjoy the rich meal prepared by our grandparents. We taste the traditional delicacies and enjoy the stories of the grandparents about the long-gone days.

Summer at grandparents is the time when we recharge our batteries and remember the authentic values ​​of life. It is a time when we connect with nature and the loved ones in our lives. It is the time when we really feel at home and remember the beauty of simple things.

After the delicious breakfast, I used to walk around the garden and admire the beautifully colored flowers growing in a quiet corner. I loved sitting on a flower-covered bench and listening to the chirping of birds and the sounds of nature. The fresh air and the scent of the flowers made me feel refreshed and happy.

My grandmother used to take us to the forest for a walk. It was an adventure to walk the road through the forest, see wild animals and get lost on unknown paths. I loved climbing the hills around the forest and admiring the wonderful scenery. In those moments, I felt free and in harmony with nature.

One day, my grandmother invited me to go to the nearby stream. We spent hours there, playing with the cold, crystal clear water, building dams and collecting stones of different shapes and colors. It was an oasis of calm and coolness on a hot summer day and I wished we could stay there forever.

On quiet summer evenings we used to sit in the garden and look at the stars. One night I saw a shooting star and I wanted to fulfill a dream. Grandma told me that if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, it will come true. So I closed my eyes and made a wish. I don't know if it will ever come true, but that moment of magic and hope has stayed with me forever.

These memories of the summer spent at my grandparents stay with me as a never-ending source of happiness and love. They gave me a different perspective on life and taught me to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life.

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Summer at grandparents is for many of us a period of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and an opportunity to recharge our batteries in nature. This time of year is associated with the smells of flowers and freshly cut hay, the sweet taste of seasonal fruits and the breeze that refreshes your thoughts. In this report, we will explore in more detail what makes summer at the grandparents so special and memorable.

Nature and clean air

One of the most pleasant aspects of summer at the grandparents is the abundant nature and fresh air. Spending time outdoors is good for our mental and physical health. By walking in the forest, by swimming in the waters of the rivers or by simply resting in the hammock, we can relax and free ourselves from everyday stress. Also, the clean country air is much healthier than the city air, which is polluted and agitated.

The taste and smell of summer

In the summer at our grandparents, we can enjoy the taste and smell of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, which is a real culinary pleasure. From sweet and juicy strawberries to crunchy tomatoes and cucumbers, all foods are naturally grown and packed with essential nutrients. The taste and aroma of food are much more pronounced than those in supermarkets and can give us a real culinary experience.

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Summer activities at grandparents

Summer at grandparents offers us many fun and interesting activities. We can explore the surroundings, go hiking and biking or kayaking, spend time with family and friends, or simply relax in the sun. We can also attend local events, such as traditional country celebrations, where we can taste delicious food and enjoy music and dancing.

The fauna and flora of the area where the grandmother's house is located

The area where my grandmother's house is located is very rich in flora and fauna. Over time, I have noticed many species of plants such as tulips, daisies, hyacinths, roses and more. In terms of fauna, we were able to see various birds such as blackbirds, finches and passerines, but also other animals such as rabbits and squirrels.

Favorite activities that I do in the summer at my grandparents

Summer at the grandparents is full of fun and educational activities. I like to ride my bike through the nearby forest or take a swim in the river that flows through the village. I also enjoy helping with gardening and learning how to plant and care for plants. I love to read and develop my imagination, and the summer spent at the grandparents is the perfect time to do that.

Beautiful memories from grandparents

Spending summer at my grandparents has always been one of my best experiences. The memories I have are priceless: I remember the times when I went to the market with my grandmother and she showed me how to choose fresh vegetables and fruits, or the times when we sat on the porch and enjoyed the fresh air and the peace around. I also remember the times when they would tell me stories about their childhood or the history of the place where they live.

Lessons I learned spending the summer at my grandparents

Spending the summer at the grandparents meant more than just a time of fun and relaxation. It was also an opportunity to learn new things and grow as a person. I learned about work and responsibility, I learned how to cook and take care of animals, but also how to be more empathetic and understanding towards others. I also learned to appreciate the simple things in life and live in harmony with nature.


In conclusion, summer at grandparents is a special time for many children and young people, where they can reconnect with nature and the traditions of the past. By spending time in nature, they can develop skills such as creative thinking, self-confidence and independence. Also, by interacting with grandparents, they can learn many new things about life, traditions and respect for people and nature. Thus, the summer at grandparents can be an educational experience, beneficial for the personal and emotional development of each young person.

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Summer at my grandparents is a special time for me, a time I look forward to every year. It is a moment when we forget the bustle of the city and return to nature, the fresh air and the quiet of the village.

When I get to Grandma's house, the first thing I do is walk around the garden. I love to admire the flowers, pick some fresh vegetables and play with their playful cat. The clean, fresh forest air fills my lungs and I feel all my worries evaporate.

Every morning, I wake up early and go to help grandma in the garden. I like to dig, plant and water the flowers. During the day, I go to the forest to walk and explore the surroundings. I like to discover new places, admire nature and play with friends from the village.

During the day, I go back to Grandma's house and sit on the porch to read a book or play games with Grandma. During the evening, we fire up the grill and have a delicious dinner outdoors. It's a perfect time to spend time with family and enjoy fresh food prepared in the garden.

Every night, I fall asleep happy and at peace with the world, thinking that I have spent a day full of adventure and beautiful memories.

Summer at my grandparents is a unique and special experience for me. It is a time when I feel connected to nature and my family. It's a moment I will always remember and look forward to every year.

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