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My garden - the place where I find my inner peace

Behind my house lies a small garden, a corner of my heaven where I can find inner peace and enjoy the beauty of nature. Every detail of this garden has been created with care and love, from the delicate flowers to the rustic furniture, all combine harmoniously to create a space of relaxation and meditation.

I walk among the cobbled paths, feeling the soft grasses and the scents of flowers under my feet. In the middle of the garden is a small fountain surrounded by red rose bushes and purple petunias. I like to sit on the bench by the fountain and listen to the sound of the water flowing, letting myself fall prey to my thoughts.

In one corner of the garden I created a small vegetable and fruit space, where sun-ripened tomatoes and honey-sweet strawberries grow. It is a pleasure to pick fresh vegetables and prepare them in the kitchen, knowing that they are grown with love and care.

On summer evenings, my garden turns into a magical place, lit by candles and lanterns. I relax in my hammock, admiring the bright stars in the sky and listening to the sounds of nature. It's a place where I feel safe, calm and connected to what really matters in life.

My garden is the place where I find my inner peace and where I can forget about all the everyday problems. I like to spend my time here, reading a good book, listening to music or just sitting in silence, letting myself be carried away by the natural energy of this wonderful place.

As I walked around the garden, I realized that every plant and every flower has a story to tell. I saw the pansies full of color and memories, the fragrant roses that made me think about love and the beauty of life. But what caught my attention the most was a small lavender bush, which spread a subtle and pleasant aroma. I stopped in front of it and began to admire its beauty. At that moment, I realized how important it is to have a place of our own, where we can relax and meditate.

I started to remember all the beautiful moments spent in my garden. Memories of days spent with friends and family, grilling outdoors, curling up with a good book under a tree or the simple sight of a sunrise. In my garden I found a refuge, a place where I feel peaceful and happy.

Looking more closely, I also noticed small creatures making an appearance. The birds that were singing, the butterflies that were playing among the flowers, and in the grass I saw industrious ants doing their work. In my garden, life came alive in the most unexpected ways and I was reminded that we too are part of nature.

At that moment, I realized that my garden is much more than just a garden. It is a place of happiness, gratitude and wisdom. In my garden I learned to appreciate nature and to remember that beauty is found in the smallest details.

I understood that every flower, every shrub and every creature in my garden has an important role to play and that we must give it due respect. My garden is not only a source of pleasure for me, but also a gift of nature that we must protect and care for.

By my mere presence in my garden, I felt connected to nature and all who belong to it. In my garden I learned to love and respect nature, and that became an important lesson for me.

In conclusion, my garden is a corner of heaven where I enjoy losing myself while enjoying the beauty of nature. Every plant, every flower, every tree has a story to tell, and I am privileged to be a witness to this story. Every day I wake up with the desire to spend time in the garden, to admire and care for each plant and enjoy their beauty. My garden is where I find myself and my inner peace, and for that I am grateful. Each of us should have such a corner of heaven, where we can connect with nature and enjoy its beauty, because this way we will feel more fulfilled and happier in our busy lives.

Presentation with the title "My garden - a corner of heaven"


The garden is a special place, a green space where we can relax, where we can gather our thoughts and recharge with energy. It is a place where we can connect with nature and enjoy its beauty. In this paper, we will explore the idea of ​​the garden and discuss its benefits and importance in our lives.

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The importance of the garden

The garden has a major importance in our lives, especially in the modern context, where we are more and more distant from nature. Gardens offer us a green and natural space that can help us relax, de-stress and recharge. Gardens can also be a playground for children, a place where we can grow our own vegetables and fruits or where we can relax and read a book.

The benefits of the garden

Gardens have many benefits for our mental and physical health. According to some studies, spending time in the garden can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and help lower blood pressure and heart rate. Gardens can also be a source of healthy food if we grow our own vegetables and fruits. In addition, gardens contribute to improving the environment by creating a green space and by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Garden care

To enjoy all the benefits of the garden, it is important to take care of it properly. First, we need to choose the right plants and flowers for the light and soil conditions in our garden. Next, we need to make sure that the garden is well watered and fed, and the plants are protected from pests and diseases. Finally, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of the garden, removing plant debris and garbage from the gardening area.

About every aspect of the garden

After presenting the garden in the introduction, you can continue the report by describing each element in it: flowers, shrubs, trees, grass, vegetables, aromatic plants and everything else present there. In these sections you can talk about the type of plants, their colors and shapes, as well as how you care for them and keep them healthy. You can share your experiences in growing plants and give advice to other beginners who want to create their own gardens.

The importance of the garden in your life

Another important section for a personal garden essay can be one about its impact on your life. You can talk about how the garden brings you peace and inner peace, the satisfaction of watching plants grow and develop, or how you relax your mind by working in the garden. You can also discuss the advantages of having your own garden and how it can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Future projects and plans

If you have projects or plans for your garden, you can include them in a dedicated section. You can talk about how you want to improve the garden or add new elements, such as a fountain or a terrace to enjoy the green space. You can also discuss future plans for your plants and how you want to develop your garden in the coming years.

Care and maintenance of the garden

Finally, an important section for a garden paper can be one about its care and maintenance. You can talk about what you need to do to keep your plants healthy, such as watering, mowing, fertilizing, and pest control. You can offer tips to manage garden work so it doesn't become a burden and is easier to maintain.


In conclusion, the garden is a special space for each of us, and its importance goes far beyond the decorative limit. It can be a place to relax, escape from everyday stress, but also a space for growing plants or spending time with family and friends. Through our care and attention, the garden can become an oasis of beauty, peace and joy. Regardless of its size, it is important to give it time and attention, because it offers us much more than we can imagine.

Descriptive composition about "In My Garden"


My green oasis

In my garden, every corner has its own story. It's where I retreat to when I need peace and disconnection from the daily hustle and bustle. It is an oasis of greenery, where something new and beautiful always emerges. Every year I try to add something new, improve the design and make my garden more welcoming.

Besides flowers and garden plants, I also like to grow vegetables and fruits. It is a sense of pride to eat my own harvest and know that it is grown without pesticides or other chemicals. I also enjoy spending time in the garden to connect with nature and enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

During the summer, the garden becomes the center of attention and a favorite meeting place for my family and friends. On summer evenings, they light candles and lanterns to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. It's where we gather, socialize and enjoy snacks prepared with love.

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In conclusion, my garden is more than just a playground for plants and flowers. It is an oasis of greenery and a refuge for me, a place of work and pride, but also of socialization and relaxation. It is the place where I feel most connected to nature and closest to myself.

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