Essay about Winter in my village - a magical world where dreams come true

For as long as I can remember, winter has been my favorite season. I can't help but marvel when the snow starts to fall and cover everything in a white layer, like a huge sheet waiting to be painted with fairy tale colors. And I don't think there is any place more beautiful than my village in winter.

As soon as the first snow covers the ground, my village turns into a landscape out of a story. The trees and houses are covered with a thick layer of snow, and the diffused light that reflects in it creates a magical atmosphere, as if taken from a Christmas movie. Every street becomes a road of adventure, where every corner hides a surprise.

There is nothing more wonderful than waking up in the morning and seeing everything covered in a new layer of snow. When I was little, I remember dressing in thick layers of clothes and going outside with indescribable joy. There I was greeted by a white and spotless landscape, as if the world was being renewed. Together with my friends, we would start building snow castles or playing with snowballs, always being careful to avoid our neighbors who were not too pleased with our shouts of joy.

In my village, winter is also an opportunity to get to know our neighbors better. Even though it is a time of year when many people choose to stay in the warmth of their homes, there are also a brave few who venture out and meet in village markets to do their Christmas shopping and socialize. The atmosphere is always welcoming, and every discussion is accompanied by the smell of pies and scones fresh out of the oven.

And, of course, winter in my village also means the winter holidays, which always come with joy and merriment. Decorating the tree, singing carols and smelling the scent of sardine, these are all traditions that bring us together and make us feel part of a community.

The trees, the snow and the silence

In my village, winter is the most beautiful time of the year. The trees, covered with snow, seem to be painted in black and white, and the sun's rays reflecting in the snow create a fairy-tale sight. As I walk the deserted streets, I can only hear the sound of my footsteps and the snow under my feet. The silence that reigns around makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

Winter activities

Winter in my village is full of fun activities. Kids go out in the snow and build snowmen, have snowball fights, go sledding, or skate on the nearby ice rink. People gather in their homes to drink hot tea and eat home-made cookies, and at the end of the week there are winter parties to which everyone is invited.

Winter traditions and customs

Winter in my village is also full of local traditions and customs. On Christmas Eve, people go to church to attend the night service and then return home to enjoy the festive meal. On the first day of Christmas, children go from house to house to carol and receive small gifts. On New Year's Eve, people put on their New Year customs to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year.


Winter in my village is a wonderful time of the year. Besides the beautiful view and fun activities, local traditions and customs bring people together and make them feel closer to each other. It's a time of year when everyone enjoys the beauty of nature and the spirit of the holidays. Those who are lucky enough to live in a beautiful and traditional village can definitely say that winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

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Winter in my village – traditions and customs


Winter in my village is a charming and special time in our life. Low temperatures, snow and frost turn everything around into a magical landscape, where people, animals and nature dress up in sparkling white clothes. In this report, I will describe what winter is like in my village, how people prepare for it and what are their favorite activities at this time of the year.

Description of winter in my village:

In my village, winter usually starts in December and lasts until February. Temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius, snow covers everything around and the landscape becomes enchanting. Houses and trees are covered with a white layer of snow, and pastures and fields are transformed into a uniform expanse of snow. During this period, snow and frost make their presence felt in the lives of people and animals in my village.

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Preparations for winter:

People in my village start preparing for winter early. In November, they start collecting wood for the fire, checking their heating systems and preparing their winter gear, such as boots and thick coats. Also, the farmers in the village prepare their animals for the winter, bring them to shelters and provide them with the necessary food for the cold season.

Favorite winter activities:

In my village, winter is a time full of fun activities and recreation. Children enjoy the snow and frost and play in the snow, build igloos or go sledding in the nearby hills. Adults gather around the fire in the stoves or grill and spend time together, enjoying traditional food and hot drinks. Some also engage in sports activities such as ice skating, skiing or snowboarding.

The impact of winter on my village:

Winter has a strong impact on life in my village. Ice and snow can cause problems with transportation and access to essential services such as food and medicine. Also, winter can cause damage to village structures.

Winter traditions and customs in my village

Winter is a special season in my village, full of specific traditions and customs. For example, every year on Christmas Eve, the young people of the village gather in front of the church and start a caroling around the village. They sing traditional carols and stop at residents' homes to give them gifts such as cookies or home-made sweets. Also, on Christmas night, a traditional banquet is organized to which all the inhabitants of the village are invited. Here they serve traditional food and dance until dawn.

Outdoor activities

Although winter can be harsh at times, the people of my village are not intimidated by the cold weather and do many outdoor activities. A popular youth sport is ice hockey, and every year a local tournament is organized where teams from neighboring villages gather. Also, on days with fresh snow, children enjoy building snow and organizing snowball fights. In addition, the winter landscapes are particularly beautiful, making village and nature walks a popular activity among the villagers.

Winter culinary habits

Another important tradition in my village is related to gastronomy. Traditional winter dishes are certainly the most appreciated, with their delicious and calorie-rich specificity. Among these, we can mention sarmales with cream and polenta, mutton stew with polenta, cozonac and apple or pumpkin pies. Also, in early winter, village housewives start preparing jams and jams to be eaten during the holidays.


In conclusion, winter in my village is a magical time that brings joy and charm to the life of the community. Whether it's the snow that transforms the landscape, the specific customs and traditions, or the warm and welcoming atmosphere in people's homes, winter in my village is an unforgettable experience.

Descriptive composition about Enchanted winter in my village

Winter in my village is the most beautiful time of the year. Every time the snow starts to fall, all the inhabitants start preparing for this enchanted time. Children are most excited and start building snow in different shapes like snowman and other interesting objects.

With the arrival of winter, snow begins to cover all the buildings and trees in my village, creating a unique and wonderful landscape. A few weeks later, with the arrival of Christmas, every household decorates its house with lights and other objects specific to this holiday. The whole village turns into an enchanted and magical place, with illuminated streets and the wonderful smell of cakes and mulled wine.

Every winter, all the residents gather in the central square to celebrate the passing of the new year. We all warm up by the campfire and enjoy the live music as well as the dances and games organized by the locals. On New Year's Eve, as the torches are lit, wishes of well-being and hope for the new year that has just begun can be heard resounding.

Apart from the joy and delight of spending the winter holidays in my village, winter is also the time when the residents prepare food for their animals because the snow covers everything around and it is very difficult for the animals to find food. Everyone contributes and together we manage to get through this difficult period.

In conclusion, winter in my village is truly a magical and charming time, where all residents come together to celebrate and help each other. It is the time when we enjoy snow, Christmas and the beginning of a new year. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place and to experience this magical time every year.

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