Essay about my garden

My garden is where I find peace and quiet. It is the place where I can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature. Ever since I was a small child I was fascinated by plants and I grew up in an environment where the garden was of particular importance. Thus, I inherited this passion and created my own garden, which I take care of with a lot of love and attention.

In my garden I planted a variety of flowers and plants, from roses and tulips to vegetables and fruits. During the summer, I like to wake up early in the morning and admire the beauty of the garden before the sun rises. I like to take care of each individual plant, watering and giving it everything it needs to grow and develop.

Besides flowers and plants, my garden is a place where I spend time with my family and friends. We often organize small parties or dinners outdoors, where we enjoy the beauty of the garden and the fresh air. I also like to invite friends to the garden and teach them to care for plants or help them plant flowers or vegetables.

My garden is also a place of refuge in difficult times. I like to walk around the garden and look at the plants, listen to the birdsong or play with my cat outside. Here, I find the peace and balance I need to cope with daily stress.

In my garden there is a small artesian well, which always fascinates me. I like to sit next to it and listen to the sound of running water. It is a perfect place for meditation and contemplation. Around the fountain, we planted flowers and plants that bring a special charm to the place. I chose to plant flowers with bright and vibrant colors like roses, carnations and tulips that make me feel happy and put a smile on my face.

Through the seasons, my garden changes and transforms, and this always fascinates me. In spring, trees and flowers bloom, and everything is filled with color and inviting smells. In the hot summer, I like to walk barefoot through the grass and cool off under the shade of the trees. Autumn brings with it the colorful leaves and mingles with the cold weather. At this time, I like to enjoy the golden and reddish colors of the fallen leaves that are scattered all over the garden. And in winter, when the snow covers everything, my garden becomes a white and quiet paradise.

Another important element in my garden is my treehouse. This was built for me by my father in the tallest tree in the garden, where I have an impressive view over the whole garden. When I want to relax, I climb into the tree house and let myself be carried away by the silence and peace that reign around. Here I feel like a king, and I can see everything from a unique perspective.

In conclusion, my garden is a special place for me. Here I find peace and quiet, spend time with my loved ones and recharge myself with positive energy. It's a place I've put a lot of work and love into and it makes me feel proud and happy.

About the personal garden

Gardens are an important element of the landscape and are often considered a sanctuary of peace and beauty. They can be small or large, simple or elaborate, but they all have an element of magic and joy in them. In this talk, I will discuss gardens and their importance, and how they can be created and cared for to add value and beauty to our everyday lives.

Historically, gardens have been associated with wealth and power, being a testament to a person's prosperity and ability to care for their environment. Nowadays, this association has been replaced by a more modern one, more focused on the benefits that gardens bring to our lives. These are primarily spaces of relaxation and refuge, where we can enjoy nature and find inner peace. Gardens can also be used for fresh, healthy and sustainable food production, thus reducing costs and environmental impact.

Another important benefit of gardens isimproving air quality and the environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful substances from the air and convert them into oxygen, thereby reducing pollution and improving air quality. In addition, gardens are often used as green areas, which help maintain biodiversity and improve the natural environment.

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In terms of creating and tending a garden, esit is important to consider the type of soil, climate and local conditions, as well as the type of plants and landscaping desired. In addition, regular attention should be paid to plant care such as proper watering, fertilization and pruning to promote healthy growth and maximum production.

The garden can be a wonderful place to spend time, but it can also be an important source of fresh food and nutrients for your family. It is an opportunity to learn how to grow and care for plants, but also to learn how to choose and cook your own vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. Your garden can become a real laboratory of nature, where you can experiment with different types of plants and cultivation methods, and the results can bring you enormous satisfaction.

In addition, your garden can be a space to relax and disconnect, where you can free yourself from everyday stress and connect with nature. While planting seeds and tending plants, you can enjoy the smell of flowers and the song of birds around you. It's an opportunity to connect with the natural world and enjoy its beauty and diversity.

In conclusion, gardens are important for the benefits they bring to our daily lives, giving us a place to relax, reducing pollution and improving air quality and the environment. Creating and tending a garden can be a satisfying and relaxing activity that adds beauty and value to our everyday lives.

Composition - my little garden

My garden is where I can relax and enjoy nature, where I can forget about the problems and the hustle and bustle of the city. It's a corner of heaven, where plants and flowers brighten my day and bring me a sense of well-being.

I spend a lot of time in the garden, caring for the plants and admiring their beauty. I like to arrange flowers of different colors in a harmonious way, play with combinations of plants and give them the necessary care to develop beautifully and healthily. Every morning I take a walk in the garden to enjoy the colors and fragrances of the flowers, to connect with nature and start my day on a positive note.

In addition to plants and flowers, in my garden I also find the oasis of peace I need to relax and meditate. I like to sit under a tree or in the specially arranged hammock and listen to the sounds of nature, observe the insects and birds that make their life in my garden. It is a place where I can take a deep breath and find inner peace.

In my garden I also created a corner for vegetables and fruits, where I grow various edible plants. It's a way for me to eat healthy and delight my taste buds with fresh vegetables and fruits, grown by myself. I love sharing the fruits of my garden with friends and family, offering them fresh vegetables and inspiring them to create their own gardens too.

In conclusion, my garden is a special place, where I spend a lot of time and which helps me reconnect with nature and find the inner peace I need. It is a corner of heaven that I cherish and that brings me joy and peace every day.

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