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Essay about "Flight to Freedom - If I Were a Bird"

I like to think about what it would be like to be able to fly like a bird. To be free to fly wherever I want, to admire the beauty of the world from above and to feel truly free. I imagine what it would be like to open my wings and catch the wind beneath them, to feel the breeze in my feathers and to be carried by the air currents. If I were a bird, I would see the world with different eyes and live in a completely different way.

I would wake up every morning with the sun rising in the sky and flying on my mind. I would wait for the wind to be right and then spread my wings and fly as far as I could. I would climb higher and higher, to get closer to the sun and see how its light reflected in my feathers. I would be so free and happy that I wouldn't care about anything else.

I would like to fly and see the world in all its beauty. I would like to see the trees and the hills, the rivers and the oceans, the cities and the villages. I would like to see the colors and textures, smell the smells and hear the sounds from above. I would like to see nature and understand how it works, see people and understand how they think. I would be on a continuous journey and feel blessed to be able to see the world with such clarity.

But the most important thing is that if I were a bird, I would have the freedom to fly without any restrictions. I wouldn't be limited by any walls or fences, I wouldn't have to stay in a certain geographical area or follow the rules of society. I would be completely free to choose my own path and decide where to fly. I could stop wherever I wanted and explore the world at my own pace.

The beating of the wings begins to die down and little by little I feel myself being carried down towards the earth. As I descend, I can see the colors starting to take shape again: the green of the trees, the blue of the sky, the yellow of the flowers. I feel slightly disappointed that my trip is over, but also very grateful for this unique experience. If I were a bird, I would live every moment with the same wonder and joy as I did on this trip, enraptured by the beauty and mystery of the world around me.

Getting off the flight, I realize that the life of a bird is not easy at all. There are many dangers in the air, from predators to extreme weather conditions. In addition, you must find food and shelter for yourself and your young. But despite all these challenges, I would be happy to be a bird because I could fly and see the world from above, experience the freedom of flying wherever and whenever I want.

I now think about the fact that birds play an important role in the ecological balance of our planet. They help plant pollination and seed dispersal, and some species control insect and rodent populations. Birds are also an important indicator of the state of the environment, as they are very sensitive to environmental changes and pollution.

In conclusion, if I were a bird, I would be free to see the world in a completely different way. I would be surrounded by beauty and completely free to fly wherever I wanted. The flight to freedom would be the greatest gift I could receive and I would do my best to enjoy every moment in flight.

Presentation with the title "The world through the eyes of birds: on the importance of protecting bird species"



Birds are one of the most fascinating and diverse groups of animals on our planet. They are known to be free creatures, flying to any destination they wish, and their world view is unique. Unfortunately, many bird species face threats such as habitat loss, overhunting and environmental pollution. In this talk, we will explore the world through the eyes of birds and discuss the importance of protecting bird species.

Bird's eye view

One of the defining characteristics of birds is their exceptionally advanced vision. Birds have much clearer and more precise vision than humans, being able to distinguish much finer details and colors that we cannot see. They are also able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, which allows them to observe orientation signals and detect food that is not visible to the human eye. This special vision helps them survive in their natural environment and find food and breeding partners.

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Threats to avian species

However, many bird species face serious threats to their survival. One of the biggest threats is habitat loss, caused by deforestation, urbanization and agricultural expansion. This leads to the destruction of nesting areas and the reduction of available food for birds. Also, overhunting and poaching are a serious problem in many parts of the world, especially for species that are commercially valuable. In addition, environmental pollution, including air and water pollution, has a negative impact on the health of birds and the ecosystems of which they are a part.

The importance of protecting bird species

Protecting bird species is important not only to protect these beautiful creatures, but also to maintain ecological balance and protect natural resources. Birds play a crucial role in pollination, seed dispersal and control of insect populations.

Species behavior and implications for everyday life

Each bird species has a specific behavior adapted to their natural environment. For example, some species live in large groups, such as pelicans, and others are solitary, such as owls. If I were a bird, I would adapt my behavior to my species and the environment in which I live. I would pay attention to the signs in nature and the habits of other birds in the area so that I can survive and thrive.

The importance of birds in the ecosystem

Birds are essential to the balance of the ecosystem. They play an important role in pollinating plants and keeping insect populations under control. Many bird species are also natural predators of rodents and insects, thus keeping a check on invertebrate populations and maintaining a balance in the food chain. If I were a bird, I would be aware of the importance I have in the ecosystem and try to help maintain the natural balance.

Our responsibility to protect birds and their habitats

Due to human population growth and human development, many bird species and their natural habitats are threatened. Deforestation, urbanization and pollution are just some of the major problems affecting the environment and, by implication, bird species. As humans, we have a responsibility to protect the environment and take steps to protect and conserve bird species. If I were a bird, I would be grateful for human efforts to protect my habitat and ensure the future of my species and others.


In conclusion, the image of flying freely through the sky and being a bird can inspire us to dream of freedom and exploring the world from a different perspective. But at the same time, we must recognize the importance and unique values ​​of our human existence. Instead of wishing we were something else, we must learn to accept and enjoy who we are, to appreciate our ability to think and feel, but also to connect with others. Only in this way can we fulfill our true aspirations and be happy in our own skins.

Descriptive composition about "If I Were A Bird"

Freedom Flight

Like any child, ever since I was little I wanted to be a bird. I liked to imagine flying in the sky and looking at the world from above, carefree and limitless. Over time, this dream turned into a burning desire to have the freedom to do what I like and be who I really am. Thus, if I were a bird, I would be a symbol of freedom and independence.

I would fly far, to new and unknown places, experience new sensations and see the world in a different way. As the bird builds its nest and finds its food, I would take care of myself and my loved ones, but I would not be subject to any control or coercion. I could fly in any direction and do whatever I wanted without being stopped by any rules or limitations.

But freedom also comes with responsibility and risk. I would be vulnerable to dangers such as hunters or sudden changes in weather, and foraging would be a real challenge. However, these risks and challenges would be part of my adventure and make me appreciate my freedom even more.

As the bird flies in the open sky, I would like to feel free and independent in our world. I would like to be able to make choices without being judged or discriminated against, to be able to follow my dreams and achieve my goals without being stopped by any limitation or constraint. I would like to be like a bird that finds freedom in flight and finds fulfillment in truly being itself.

In conclusion, if I were a bird, I would be a symbol of freedom and independence. I would fly far and discover the world, but I would also take care of myself and my loved ones. In our world, I would like to feel as free and independent, to be able to follow my dreams and achieve my goals, without constraints or limitations.

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